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In his announcement of the class of 2017 matric results Honourable MEC of Education Mthandeni Dlungwana hailed the district for its 81.51% pass rate making uMgungundlovu the highest performance District in 2017. In continuation of this benchmark the Mayor wishes the class of 2018 all the best in the first quarter tests and urges them to work hard and study daily in order to exceed the 81.51% already set by the class of 2017. Turning to the parents her Worship the Mayor urges Parents to provide the necessary support and assistance required by the pupils to make their work better and to help them deal with the stress and pressure associated with being in matric. The Educators are the corner stone of our education system we acknowledge their hard work and dedication in shaping the minds of our future generation. Working together we can achieve any goal set for us. 

Saturday, 17 March 2018 09:35

Save water, Save life campaign

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Water is a precious commodity and is central to our very existence. We have seen the drought and experienced life without water to realise that we must think of the future and save this precious germ which we depend with our life. As we launch the Save water, Save life campaign we call on all citizens of the district and the Country at large to join us in educating our people about saving water and its value towards our future. The district has taken huge strides towards ensuring that every home has a tap and closing the gap caused by our horrific pass which left millions without access to clean water. The Mayor affirms Councils goal to ensure that there is access to clean drinkable water for all by 2030 and urges those who have access to water to use it wisely. 

Saturday, 17 March 2018 09:30

Addressing the voters role

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The Honourable thanks all the voters who came out to address the voters role in order to close the gap on the 40 000 plus voters who do not have correct addresses on the voters role. She also encourages every citizen of voting age to ensure that they are registered to vote so that they can exercise their rights in the 2019 elections to elect a Government of their chose that will continue to lead us towards achieving the goals of our freedom. The Mayor urges voters to use the various platforms made available by IEC to check their status and t also visit the IEC office in the nearest Office. More information can be obtained by IEC or by visiting the Municipality.

Saturday, 17 March 2018 09:25

Ninth Metro in the making

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The newly appointed Municipal Manager of the largest District Municipality in the Province of Kwazulu-Natal has been given a task to unite the seven Local Municipalities to form one metro by the next local government elections in 2021. Dr Ray Ngcobo has established a special unit under his office that ill drive the metro status. Msunduzi Local Municipality is not only the second economic hub of the Provinces but is the Capital City as well. The Mayor is confident that establishments of the metro will be beneficial for all the citizens in the district as well as the Province.