Company:                           Trust for Christian Outreach and Education (Non Governmental Organisation)

Position:                              Community Development Worker


·         Facilitate workshops,

·         Develop and implement training programme of development committees,

·         Initiating relevant recruitment and selection strategies,

·         Responsible for the monthly reporting for all activities to the director and board members.


Company:                           Midlands Women’s Group

Position:                              Community Co-ordinator


·         Facilitate Human Right of Women

·         Research and develop a model for a women’s book programme.  I have a copy of a book which we developed.

·         Facilitate social mobilization and organisation for women to able them to take change of their own development.

·         Conduct community dialogs and manage referrals


Deployment:                     Local Government

Position:                              Deputy Mayor, Mkhambathini Local Municipality

Period:                                 1994 to 1999


·         Presiding at meetings of the executive committee,

·         Performing the duties, including any ceremonial functions

·         Exercising the powers delegated to the Mayor by the municipal council or executive committee

·         Present annual report budget

·         Sitting in the provincial executive committee

·         Represent the provincial SALGA to National SALGA Community working group


Position:                              Mayor, Mkhambathini Local Municipality

Period:                                 1999 to 2016


·         Presiding at meetings of the executive committee,

·         Performing the duties, including any ceremonial functions

·         Exercising the powers delegated to the Mayor by the municipal council or executive committee

·         Present annual report budget

·         Sitting in the provincial executive committee and community working group





Position:                              District Mayor, uMgungundlovu District Municipality

Period:                                 2016 to date


·         Presiding at meetings of the executive committee,

·         Performing the duties, including any ceremonial functions

·         Exercising the powers delegated to the Mayor by the municipal council or executive committee

·         Present annual report budget

·         Sitting in the provincial executive committee and community working group

·         Represent the provincial SALGA to National SALGA Community working group





Last School attended:    Ohlange High School

                                                Inanda Durban


Highest standard:            Matric




Institution:                          University of Natal

Course:                                Community Development


·         Capacity Building

·         Conflict Management

·         Communication

·         Project Management


Operation Upgrade(NGO):          

·         Adult basic education –ABET

·         How to start a community programme

·         Planning & Evaluation

·         Develop syllabus for adult learner

·         How to teach adult


Institution:                          CEDPA Washington DC

Year:                                      1994

Course:                                Building Strategic Management

Nominated by:                  SALGA


Institution:                          Dale Carnegic Training

·         Conflict Management

·         Time work

·         Monitoring evaluation


Institution:                          SALA IDA, Sida and SALGA

Year:                                      2006 to 2007

Course:                                Local Democracy and Local Government


Human’s Right Development and Training


Organisational Development Training


University of Harare

·         Interaction between office bearers and senior officials


SIDA Training Programme

·         Local Democracy

·         Good Governance


                                          SBONGILE AMBROSIA DLAMINI



SURNAME                               Dlamini

NAME                                      Sbongile Ambrosia

CONTACT NUMBER              0720113739



Matriculated at Emtshezi High School


Bachelor of Administration (B Admin) 2004, University of Free State


Ø  Project Management

Ø  Constitution and Regulations

Ø  Municipal Finance Management Act

Ø  Disaster Management Act

Ø  Municipal Systems Act

Ø  Municipal Structures Act

Ø  Municipal By-Laws

Ø  Municipal Property Rates & Regulations Act

Ø  Municipal Electoral Act

Ø  Traditional Leadership & Governance Framework Act

Ø  Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Act

Ø  The White Paper on Local Government

Ø  Secretarial

Ø  Minute Taking & Report Writing Skills Course

Ø  Personal Computing







1.       INSTITUTION                                uMgungundlovu District Municipality

POSITION HELD                            Deputy Mayor

DURATION                                     2019


2.       INSTITUTION                                uMgungundlovu District Municipality

POSITION HELD                            Councillor (Msunduzi Representaive)

DURATION                                     2016 – Current


3.       INSTITUTION                                 Msunduzi Local Municipality

POSITION HELD                            PR Councillor

DURATION                                     2016 – Current


4.       INSTITUTION                                 Impendle Local Municipality

POSITION HELD                             Thusong Centre Manager         

DURATION                                     2012 – 2016


5.       INSTITUTION                                 Impendle Local Municipality

POSITION HELD                             Human Resource Manager

DURATION                                      2011 – 2012


6.       INSTITUTION                                  Impendle Local Municipality

POSITION HELD                             PA to the Mayor

DURATION                                      2006 – 2011




Ø  Chairperson of Municipal Public Accounts Committee- uMgungundlovu District Municipality (2016 – 2019)

Ø  Sustainable Development & City Enterprises Member (2016 – Current)



Ø  Regional Task Team (RTT) Member: Moses Mabhida Region (Current)

Ø  Regional executive committee (REC) Member: Moses Mabhida Region (2014 – 2018)

Ø  Regional working committee (RWC) Member: Moses Mabhida Region (2014 – 2018)

Ø  SAMWU Shopsteward: Impendle Local Municipality (2009 – 2011)

Ø  SAMWU Regional Gender Secretary (2009 – 2011)

Ø  Branch Deputy Chairperson – Zozo Dlamini Branch, Ward 5, KZ225, Moses Mabhida Region (2007 – 2008)

Ø  ANCYL Branch Secretary – Zozo Dlamini Branch, Ward 5, KZ225, Moses Mabhida Region (2007)

Ø  ANCYL REC Member- Moses Mabhida Region (Leading organizational development) 2007 – 2009

Ø  ANCWL Branch Chairperson – Zozo Dlamini, Ward 5, KZ225, Moses Mabhida Region (2014 – 2016)

Ø  SASCO Member – University of Free State (Qwaqwa Campus) 2001- 2004




Dr Ngcobo, “ Ray “ as he is affectionately known, is an academic of note who has a broad scope of academic achievements that he has put to effective use providing leadership and strategic direction in the organisations that he has worked for. His vast knowledge about the functioning of Government and its pivotal systems has made him one of the most dependable administrators of today. His appointment as the Head of Administration for uMgungundlovu District Municipality, bears testimony to the leadership ability, and not only the wealth of information and cognitive maturity he possesses, but also being able to emit positive energy to those that work with him.

“Ray” has contributed immensely in the production of a number of papers in the form of plans, strategic documents and others. In fact, he has also worked as a Senior Researcher (Quality of life studies), a clear example of his natural desire to enrich himself and others with information. He has led delegations to various parts of the world including Africa, US, EU, China and other countries. To describe Dr Ngcobo’s achievements and contributions to the various institutions and organisations he has worked for, would require a day’s lecture on its own.


-          1993----Bachelor of Social Science Degree, University of Natal, with majors in Political Science, Industrial and Labour Studies, and Sociology.

-          1995----Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations, University of Natal

-          1997----Master of Social Science Degree in Industrial , Organisation and Labour Studies. University of Natal.

-          2005----Dr of Philosophy (Phd) in Industiali, Organisational and Labour Studies, University of Natal.



-      Appointed by former President J.G Zuma as a Commissioner at the International Trade Administration Commission

-      Delivered various papers in various conferences arranged by the Harvard Institute, a private sector skills development institute.

-     Co-opted by the Provincial Economic Transformation Committee of the ANC to advise on matters relating to Labour market reforms, industrial and Trade Policy.


-     April 2013 to November 2017---- Deputy Municipal Manager: Economic Development at Msunduzi Municipality.

-     2010 to 2013----Chief Executive Office, Sisonke Development Agency, an entity of Harry Gwala District Municipality.

-   2008 to 2010---Deputy Director General for Industrial Development and business Regulations, Department of Economic Development and Tourism, KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Department. Managing two programmes for the Province namely: (1) Industrial and Sector Development (2) Business Regulations. 1996---Information Analyst/Researcher

-   1997----Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Natal. Duties included: (1) Sociology of Development (2) Macro and micro economic analysis and related policy (3) Rural Sociology( School of Rural and Community Development)

-     Jan 1917 to Dec 1998--- Senior Researcher( Quality of Life Studies) Ethekwini Municipality( Urban Strategy Department)

-     Jan 1999 to Dec 2002---Regional Co-ordinator, KwaZulu-Natal Economic Council

-     Jan 2002 to Dec 2003---Senior Manager, Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TiKZN)

-   2004—Managing Member, Development Praxis cc, focusing on the following: (1) Private Public Partnerships (2) Local Government Strategic Planning (3) Local Economic Development and Industrial Development facilitation

-     Private Sector support to strategic infrastructure investments.

-      2004 to 2010 Chief Director: Strategic Competitiveness, The Enterprise and Industry Development Division, Department of Trade and Industry


-     Appointed by the then Deputy President and the them Minister of Trade and Industry to facilitate the government-business partnership, under the auspices of the Business Trust, focused on the creation of jobs in the telecommunications and the Business Process Outsources and Offfshoring Industry

-    Working with the Human Sciences Research Council, the Presidency and NEDLAC, and various state Departments. He produced the first ever Services Sector Strategy, which became an input to the National Industrial Policy Framework, which was adopted by Cabinet as a blue print for industrial development in South Africa.

-     Working with the Presidency, he was the first champion and author of the Regional Industrial Development Strategy of the Department of Trade and Industry, which became a blue print for the development of Regional Industrial Infrastructure programmes such as Industrial Development Zones and Industrial Hubs.

-     Implemented a United Nations Industrial Upgrading and Southern African Development Community Modernersation programme  and the Department of Science and Technology.

-    Oversee and manage a number ofstrategic Industrial infrastructure investments, such as the Richardsbay Industrial Development Zones, including working with former CEO of the IDZ attracting Private capital to the IDZ.

-    Facilitation of industrial Development support ,measures, with respect to efficiencies in the South African Services economy, with special focus on the Services Sectors such as Tourism, BPO&O, Financial Services and Construction.


Needless to say, as uMgungundlovu District Municipality aspires to evolve into a Metropolitan Municipality, it has acquired the services of the right driver to pursue and achieve that agenda